Beef cattle

1. Cattle and Calves – Cattle and calves are raised on 6,458 farms throughout Utah. Cash receipts for cattle and calves in 2013 totaled an impressive $360.57 million.

2. Dairy Products – 90,449 dairy cows produce milk, cheese and other dairy products in Utah. The highest earning dairy product, milk, brought in $342.67 million in cash receipts in 2013.

3. Hay – Utah’s robust livestock production industry relies heavily on large quantities of quality hay for the health and well-being of the animals. In 2013, this vital commodity generated $237.94 million in cash receipts.

4. Hogs – Hog production has increased significantly since 2002, going from 670,047 to 731,666 head in 2013. This growing commodity brought in a respectable $199.15 million in cash receipts.

5. Greenhouse and nursery – Aquatic plants, bulbs, cut flowers, potted plants and bedding plants earned $110.56 million in cash receipts in 2013. This multifaceted commodity also includes greenhouse fruits and vegetables, mushrooms and sod.

6. Other livestock – Bison, elk, alpacas, captive deer and llamas are just some of the other livestock raised in Utah. This diverse group of animals made more than $100 million in cash receipts in 2013.

7. Turkeys – Turkeys are Utah’s second-highest earning poultry product, behind chickens, with $73.9 million in cash receipts in 2013. Turkeys are raised on 249 farms and, surprisingly, far outnumber chickens.

8. Chicken eggs – The number of laying hens in Utah increased from 3.42 million in 2002 to 3.81 million in 2012. Chicken eggs accounted for $72.53 million of Utah’s agricultural cash receipts in 2013.

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9. Mink pelts – Utah mink pelts brought in $65.91 million in cash receipts in 2013. The average price per pelt in the United States was $56.30 for a total national value of $200 million.

10. Wheat – A strong wheat crop generated $48.48 million in 2013, and was planted on 138,000 acres. Approximately three-quarters of U.S. grain products contain wheat flour.Utah Top 10 Ag [INFOGRAPHIC]


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