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When most people hear Wisconsin agriculture, they immediately think of cheese. And while the Badger State is very justified in its reputation as the cheese capital of the U.S., the state’s agriculture industry encompasses so much more. Wisconsin agriculture provides a whopping $88.3 billion to the state’s economy annually, and provides 413,500 jobs, or 11 percent of the state’s total employment, in fields such as management and business, science and engineering, forestry production, communications, and more.

Hardworking farmers operate 68,700 farms in Wisconsin, totaling 14.4 million acres of land. These farms produce some of the state’s top commodities, which include milk, corn, cattle and calves, soybeans, potatoes, cranberries, and more. And though they may not make the top 10, other important commodities rank Wisconsin first in the nation, including mink pelts, snap beans for processing, and milk goats. The state ranks second in the nation in milk production, mozzarella cheese and milk cows, and third in several other commodities.

Wisconsin Tribal Nations Increase Access to Healthy, Traditional Food

A food sovereignty movement has swept Native American communities, and Wisconsin tribal nations are seeking agency over their local food systems.

Milwaukee’s Vincent High School Delivers Hands-On Agriculture Education

A public high school in Milwaukee has returned to its roots, using hands-on agriculture experiences to teach 21st-century skills.

Wisconsin Agriculture by the Numbers



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Source: NASS (National Agricultural Statistics Service), USDA

Growing Wisconsin 2020-21

Growing Wisconsin is a guide to Wisconsin's farms, forests, food and exports, published in partnership with Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

BouMatic Creates Milking Products That Make Dairy Farming Easier

Wisconsin-based BouMatic is creating innovative technologies that help dairy farmers work more efficiently and effectively.

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Agriculture Careers Abound in Wisconsin and Beyond

Agriculture-related jobs include food and beverage manufacturing, forestry, fishing, textile and apparel manufacturing, and many others.

Wisconsin Nurseries Provide Plants for Green Thumbs Across the State

From bountiful blossoms and floating pond plants to hearty shrubs and Christmas trees, Wisconsin’s nurseries grow it all.

Neighbors Band Together to Protect Wisconsin Farmland

Neighboring owners of more than 20,000 acres in Clark County banded together to protect their classic Wisconsin farmland.

Wisconsin Program Preserves Farmland and Promotes Conservation

The landowners bordering the Blue River and Fennimore Fork of Castle Rock Township have made a renewed promise to protect their farmland.

Lake Family Farms Receives Wisconsin Leopold Conservation Award

Lake Family Farms received the Wisconsin Leopold Conservation Award in 2019 for their stewardship of the soil, water and wildlife habitat on their land.

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