beefNo one is asking, “Where’s the beef?” in the Dairy State, thanks to the Wisconsin Beef Council’s efforts to promote the protein. The organization works diligently to educate consumers about this important agricultural commodity in a variety of ways.

“We try to promote beef as a healthy protein that’s high in nutritional value,” says Matthew Bayer, president of the Wisconsin Beef Council board of directors.

Bayer, who is also a board member of the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors, personally knows a thing or two about beef. His family owns Country Fresh Meats in Weston. The business employs 45 people and has been operating since 1982.

Wisconsin Beef Council members spread the word about the benefits of beef on the council’s website,, which features the nutritional benefits of beef, recipes, cooking tips and other information. The council also distributes Beef Checkoff brochures.

The group sponsors beef cooking contests in the state, and also administers the Beef for the Classroom grant, which is funded by beef producers. The grant goes toward cooking-related high school courses. Team BEEF Wisconsin is the council’s running team, a community of runners and health enthusiasts who recognize the nutritional benefits of lean beef for training. Consumers can join the 30 Day Protein Challenge and receive daily emails with goals, tips and inspiration to stay on track to get an optimal amount of protein in their daily diets.

The council also promotes education about humane cattle handling and animal welfare.

“That helps producers do a better job of handling the animals in a more calm, natural state,” Bayer says.

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