BouMatic’s state-of-the-art robotic milking systems help make the job easier for dairy farmers;Photo credit: BouMatic

Doing more with less. That’s one of the ideas that has guided Madison-based BouMatic for the last 81 years. The company’s innovative technologies are helping farmers work more efficiently and effectively.

Founded in 1939, BouMatic develops and creates a full range of milking products, including robotic milking systems, bulk cooling tanks, computerized management systems and sanitation products.

The company has developed long- term relationships with dairy producers and dealers around the globe, thanks to its guiding principles: the health of the animal, a dedication to scientific research and the profitability of the milk producer.

Employees continue to reflect on founder Lawrence Bouma’s words from decades ago: “The milking machine should remove the available milk from the cow’s udder gently, quickly and completely.”

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Several of the company’s innovations help make dairy farmers’ lives easier, such as the BouMatic RealTime Activity system, which can provide smartphone alerts when a cow needs attention.

BouMatic’s robotic feed pusher and robotic milking system free up the farmer’s limited time for other tasks.

One of BouMatic’s newest products is the Magnum 450TL, the first of three liners in the Magnum TL “Turbo” liner series. This milking liner has a patented design that helps farmers harvest milk faster without sacrificing the comfort of the cow.

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“The Magnum 450TL design was inspired by constantly striving to see if we can improve upon our existing methods,” explains Amy Steinke, BouMatic director of product management and marketing.

“We felt that some changes to the design could lead to an even faster and gentler milk out. And after years of tweaking and testing, we discovered we were right and that the changes had been successful.”

Being kind to the cow and maintaining the highest quality of milk harvested has and always will be the company’s focus.

“Our approach is simply different and is cow-centric,” says Chris Peden, president of BouMatic. “We know that if the cow is healthy, happy and comfortable, the dairy is all of those things, too.”

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