1. Broilers

BroilersAmericans consume more chicken than any other country in the world. Wisconsin produced 54 million broilers – or chickens grown for meat – in 2016, earning over $108.6 million in production value.

2. Cattle and Calves

Photo by Todd Bennett

Wisconsin consistently ranks as one of the top states for cattle and calves. The state is home to more than 3.5 million dairy and beef cattle and calves as of January 2017.

3. Corn

Photo by Jeff Adkins/Farm Flavor Media

U.S. growers produce more than 36 percent of the world’s corn supply. Wisconsin harvested over 3.2 million acres of corn for grain in 2016, earning $1.9 billion.

4. Cranberries

Photo by Wes Aldridge

Cranberries are grown in 20 counties in Wisconsin, the leading cranberry state. Local farmers produced 6.13 million barrels in 2016.

5. Dairy

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Wisconsin ranks second in national milk production, behind only California. Dairy adds $43.4 billion to the state’s economy every year. In 2016, Wisconsin dairies produced over 30.1 billion pounds of milk.

6. Eggs

Photo by Jeff Adkins/Farm Flavor Media

Eggs have 6 grams of protein, making them a high-quality protein source. In 2016, Wisconsin hens laid over 1.6 billion eggs for a production value of more than $78 million.

7. Hay

Photo by Jeffrey S. Otto/Farm Flavor Media

Wisconsin farmers produced 8.6 million tons of hay and haylage or forage in 2016, earning $735 million. This includes alfalfa hay, a high-protein legume that’s a great food source for livestock with high energy needs.

8. Hogs

Photo by Jeff Adkins/Farm Flavor Media

The average market hog provides 371 servings of pork. Wisconsin is home to 325,000 hogs. In 2016, the state’s hogs had a production value more than $85.5 million.

9. Potatoes

Photo by Jeff Adkins/Farm Flavor Media

Wisconsin ranks third in the U.S. for potato production. The state produced 2.8 billion pounds in 2016 for a $279.1 million production value.

10. Soybeans

Photo by Jeff Adkins/Farm Flavor Media

Soybeans provided a whopping 54 percent of edible vegetable oils for the nation in 2016. The same year, Wisconsin farmers harvested more than 1.9 million acres with a production value over $1 billion.

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