Wisconsin top crops [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Dairy and Milk – Known for its booming dairy industry, Wisconsin milk products had a $6.8 billion value in 2014. Approximately 1.27 million dairy cows produced a total of 27.8 billion pounds of milk.
  2. Cattle and calves – Wisconsin has a total of 3.5 million cattle and calves. In 2014, value of production was $1.6 billion.
  3. Corn – In 2014, Wisconsin produced 15.7 million tons of corn silage and 485 million bushels of corn for grain. The value of grain production for that year was $1.8 billion.
  4. Soybeans – Soybeans are used for a variety of products including biofuel, plastics and food products. In Wisconsin, the crop had a production value of $795 million in 2014.
  5. Hay – Wisconsin counted 4.87 million tons of hay harvested in 2014. The value of all hay production for Wisconsin that year was $732 million.
  6. Potatoes – A staple on America’s dinner table, potatoes had a $273 million production value in Wisconsin in 2014. Wisconsin potato farmers harvested 63,000 acres and yielded 2.71 billion pounds.
  7. Cranberries – Of the 5 million barrels of cranberries Wisconsin farmers harvested in 2014, 4.79 million were used for processing into juice and other products, while the rest were sold at fresh market. Cranberries had a $138 million value of production.
  8. Broilers – Wisconsin counted 53.4 million broilers, or chickens raised for meat, in 2014. Sales of broilers accounted for $143 million of revenue in 2014.
  9. Eggs – Wisconsin’s poultry industry encompasses more than broilers. The state’s laying hens produced 1.45 billion eggs in 2014 with production valued at $129.9 million.
  10. Hogs – Wisconsin’s 300,000 hogs were valued at $136.9 million in 2014.
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