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When there’s a problem at the pump, the Bureau of Weights and Measures comes to the rescue.

Part of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, Weights and Measures is responsible for protecting consumers in everyday situations.

“The Bureau of Weights and Measures protects consumers’ pocketbooks by checking the accuracy of day-to-day transactions that everyone makes,” says Judy Cardin, director of the Bureau of Weights and Measures.

The Bureau is organized into three programs: Fuel Quality, Petroleum Storage Tanks, and Weights and Measures. Together, they work on tasks such as inspecting motor fuel, approving storage tank installations, checking commodities that sell by weight or measure to help make sure the marketplace is fair and ensure consumers are receiving what they paid for.

“Overall, consumers should feel confident in the accuracy of weights and measures and fuel quality in Wisconsin,” Cardin says. “Testing finds more than 99 percent of grocery scales and gas pumps deliver full measure.”

The Bureau built a new fuel lab last year, with equipment to test gasoline products to make sure they meet national standards.

“We are also using test equipment at the new lab that accurately screens gasoline octane levels on samples from around the state,” Cardin says. Octane measures the ability of a fuel to resist “knocking,” and typically the higher the octane level, the higher price per gallon.

Learn more about the Bureau at weights_and_measures.

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